Antietam 1862.Burial of Union soldiers.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fallschirmjagers with 81mm mortar

The standard German medium mortar of the war was the 81mm Granatwerfer 34. It was a very effective and accurate weapon that could provide long-range fire support, and was used throughout the conflict on most theatres.
A mortar crew consits of three members, the gunner controls the deflection and elevation of the weapon, the assistant gunner loads the round at the command of the gunner and the ammunition man prepares and hands over ammunition to the assistant gunner.
Sculpted by the very talented Mr Paul Hicks.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scots Schiltron,The Earl of Moray

John Dunbar,created first Earl of Moray c.1371,was the younger brother of George Dunbar,Earl of March. He fought alongside his brother at Otterburn and later continued the war personally by challenging Thomas Mowbray,Earl of Nottingham,to single combat. A safe-conduct was issued to Moray in March 1390 for his journey to England and the ensuing dual was fought at Smithfield on 28 May. Moray was unhorsed and seriously injured and died as a result at York on his way home in 1391.
Figs sculpted by Paul Hicks.

These were a joy to paint.I ordered a 20 unit pack from Claymore so I have 4 spare figs.Ordered another 12 to complete a second stand(The Earl of March).