Antietam 1862.Burial of Union soldiers.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still alive,just not kicking...

Hey guys,

just to let you know,I'm still alive.
I have been really busy,unfortunatly not with painting miniatures.
I had my hands full breaking out the old kitchen and then start back from scratch.
New electricity,a new floor,new window & doors,etc...
A rather tight scedule too (I started a little late,the floor was only 2 days in place when they came to install the new kitchen...)


As you can see I still had to do the floor at the door and leading up to the living room.
I still need to paint (did I mention I hate painting? ;D) the walls and ceiling and then add tiles against the wall above the cookstove(?).These are plans for October/November.I've had it for now :D.
So,when this is all done we can finally start decorating the place.
As a reward for myself I took a trip to Waterloo Battlefield.Pictures will be on my next post.
Greetz Kukke.