Antietam 1862.Burial of Union soldiers.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Taking on the Wizard... head on

I've been asked by my wife her parents to paint a stone statue which they want to use as decoration in their garden.The tree you see is all handmade by her stepfather (a real handyman!) using an old drainage pipe and cement.It also has an automatic lightswitch.


My son in the background training his paintingskills!
About time he's going to help me out :D

The statue still looks abit shiny to me from the gloss varnish.Might need to matt it down abit.
Hope you enjoy but now I really want to get back to my 28mm's!
I hope I still can paint my mini's!This statue is huge compared to what I normally paint.
The amount of details & the scale... It will be a serious adjustment.