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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Scottish Archers

Scottish archers were drawn from the Borders and southern Scotland,
and those of Selkirk Forest were justly famed for their prowess with the longbow.
The did not,however,match the English archers in numbers,nor were they employed
with the same tactical skill in battle.Nevertheless,by the 15th century they were being recruited
by the French in large numbers,in an attempt to counter the dominance of the English longbowmen.
Highlanders,from the wild West Highlands,are known to have used the bow,though we
have no evidence that they were present in the army of 1388 in significant numbers.


Here a couple of pics were they are supporting The Earl of Moray.
It's only now that I noticed the flag is upside down! Damned! :(

Not the best pics,I know,but hope you enjoy... 
I'm currently working on my next schiltron,The Earl of March (finally!) although I might finish a unit of Highlanders first.

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